so i was having some troubles with my dearest Basil
(the vehicle – pronounced as the Europeans do [see
John Cleese in Fawlty Towers]) so i took him to our
little corner mechanic…the verdict wasn’t so good…
transmission going out…
loose belt…
ignition starter dying…
squeaking breakes…
400 miles over the oilchange (i know. i’m a horrible owner.)

so they gave me this to drive:

(complete with the maroon leather seats…i felt no less
than 73 years old.) but it was okay…it made me laugh
every time i thought about it.

until i realized that i left my phone in it.


so i went back to the mechanic’s to get it….and they had
already let someone else use it while they work on their


so now i won’t get it back til at least tomorrow afternoon..
very very sad…

what else….i was supposed to go to a pre-release screening
of the new Will Farrell movie…we got there and it was too full…
so we snuck into You, Me, & Dupree….it was pretty good…kind
of long, a little disgusting, but the last 20 minutes of it were
pretty much brilliant.

my roommate is in France right now…. how exciting is that!
she left us last Saturday…won’t be back until the end of the month..
i wanted to go so bad! oh well…i’m going to London for four
months next year, so i guess i can wait!

what else? i always think of so many things to say on here,
but then i forget them all when i start typing! …oh! my
family is coming into town next weekend!! i’m SO excited
to see them…it’s been over a month since i’ve seen my parents,
and two since i’ve seen anna. they only get to stay for two
days, but i’m still excited! also, i move into the dorms
in exactly a month now…inconceivable!

anyways, tomorrow and friday i’m working 8:30-12:30
at the publishing co., then 2:00-9:30 at the museum…
crazy busy, but i wouldn’t trade it…

i love you all…sorry that i’m so out of touch lately…call
me sometime and i promise we’ll catch up!


10 thoughts on “

  1. If this car does not have a “name”.  It needs one
    the “Bling Bling”… YES!!!
    Anyway, sorry to hear about your phone going missing.. I hope you find it!  I miss you and I cant wait to hear how things in nashville are going.  You making any plans to come back to Jackson soon?

  2. + 400mi over what? either way, that isn’t bad… sometimes I put on 6k in a month & only change it once… //muh bad!+ cellphone-less = naked.+ “snuck in”… what the..?? my little kt.girl IS growing up!! *ha!*+ London??? excuse me?? wow. we SO need to catch up!!!+ have fun w/the fam! send them my love…+ miss you.

  3. ah, thank you for the comment.  my dad is doing ok.  my wife is doing ok…ready for the baby though…haha.  wow, i wish i got to talk to you more.  you’re such a neat person, seriously, i don’t just throw stuff like that around.  i pray your time in nashville is amazing, and God uses you there and beyond for amazing things.
    love you girl.

  4. Ha, oh goodness. The car they let you drive, I am jealous! Ha, the only good part of the movie was the last part! I talked to Laura and she said she snuck into it, too! How funny is that. What are you going to London for? I am jealous!

  5. Your life makes me jealous. it’s fascinating!YAY old people car. XDloving the new layout. the background reminds me of sanctus’s new CD. Only greyer.

  6. i’m theeee laziest person known to the world they are on my comp.. but i just haven’t had time no desire..haha.. to post some where.. but i promise i’ll try.. as soon as power is restored and i get a life once again :-miss u mi amor!.. are u comin back to me in oct? how sweet would it be to be on the empire state building w/ some other friends

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